What is Bitrix24?

Bitrix24 is a senior management technology platform of the US, developed on the Bitrix sitemanager platform of Bitrix corporation (based in Russia), this is a good and secure technology platform, has proven about stability, load capacity, and ability to develop unlimited features.

With more than one million businesses worldwide use, accounting for 60% market share in Russia and Eastern Europe, Bitrix24 proved this is a good internal management system, bring effective solution, and be welcome by the world. We call it " Bitrix24 management Society Network " or "Bitrix24 work environment".
Some key advantages

of the system:

• Bitrix24 provides tools that help create flexible work processes, quickly and easily corrected.
• Provide storage tools, mining tools, information and online document sharing tools within interal enterprise easily, synchronous and securely.
• Provide 35 standard management tools to automate the management and operation of online businesses

• Bitrix24 likely connected to many other functional software, synchronize data to create detailed reports on each professional request.
• It can be accessed easily from multiple devices: computers, laptops, smartphones, ...
• User interface is easy to understand, easy to use and can be customized according to individual requirements, consistent with the culture of each business.
• Bitrix24 act as a gateway, easily integrated, synchronized with the software, other equipment to help businesses manage and focused operate.
• The system is transfered source, full documentation by the developer to helps the IT team of business can develop and upgrade the system easily by themsevles.
With these advantages, Bitrix24 experts has rated as one of the seven best internal business management technology in the world ... See more features ...
Bitrix Corporation
Bitrix24 Product Development Unit
Bitrix Corporation had 18 years experience in developing web technologies with approximately 6,500 partners worldwide and more than 1,000.000 clients around the world, many clients of the top Fortune 500 such as Xerox, Toshiba, Epson, Samsung, Panasonic , Volks wagen, Hyundai, KIA, VTB, ...
Bitrix24 Enterprise Management System formerly is Bitrix Intranet Portal solution is based on Bitrix Site Manager web technology of Russian and applied over 10 years in Russia and Eastern Europe market.

In Russia and Eastern Europe, Bitrix Intranet Portal combined with 1C's corporations are business management solutions comprising 60% market share. This is considered a business management system internally used by many enterprises.
From 2012, to take advantage of digital technology platform of Russia and knowledge management of US, Bitrix corporations in Russia separated and established Bitrix24 company in the US and start improving Bitrix Intranet Portal products suitable with global markets and renamed Bitrix to Bitrix24.
Until now, more than 1 million businesses worldwide have applied Bitrix24 for enterprise management. And with development strategy at present, Bitrix24 has become a management solution brand was well received world. 
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